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A Guide to Getting Dental Implants In Orange County, California

A Guide to getting Dental Implants In Orange County, California

Missing teeth can lead to a loss of confidence and can cause social anxiety. Traditional dentistry suggested taking care of missing teeth, and to keep them instead of replacing the missing tooth. Developments in dentistry and emergency of the quality dental services in Orange County, California have resulted in dental implants as the best possible solution for a missing tooth. Before finding a qualified dentist in Irvine, it is necessary to know about the procedures involved.

Dental Implants: What is it?

A tooth is made up of two parts. The crown and the root. A dental crown is a part that lies above the gum line whole and the root lies under the gum line and inside the dental bone. When a tooth falls as a result of injury, it leaves a void. Dental implants fill the void left by the root which is later topped by a realistic tooth to give the procedure a natural look.

How is the dental procedure carried out?

The patient is first given a local anesthesia in order to numb the area where the procedure will be carried out. Even if the person is under anesthesia, a little discomfort resulting from bone vibration is inevitable. The procedure is not invasive and hence there are no cuts or surgeries associated with it. But the implant might cause post-operative pain and discomfort. The implant is first done where the roots of the tooth are located. This filling is left for a minimum of three months before attaching the fake tooth crown in order to give it a realistic touch. The period depends upon the density of the bone, if higher, would facilitate the quicker integration of the tooth.

Few procedures require the implant to be inserted directly inside the bone upon the gum tissue. This type of implant procedure is slightly more painful than the previous one. In the second stage, a connector called an abutment will be inserted into the implant so that the gum tissue could heal the cut. Sometimes, the second stage is skipped and the implant is left naked without any insertions. The best procedure can be suggested only by a great dental office in Orange County such as Dental Implants Orange County, CA.

Who would be a good candidate for dental implants?

Dental implants are not just to meet the cosmetic needs and hence the patient can’t decide if he needs an implant or not. The best dental office in Orange County would take into account various pros and cons before suggesting the type of dental implant surgery. The examination will be conducted during your first consultation to check the density of the bone as well as its volume. The dentist will also check if bone regeneration techniques can do the task effectively. If not, dental implants are suggested.

If you are looking for quality dental services in Orange County, California, you can find the best dentist in Irvine at Dental Implants Orange County CA.