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When Should You Replacing Your Dental Fillings

Replacing Dental Fillings from quality dental services in Orange County, California

Cavities make a visit to a dental office irreplaceable. Many people feel that treating cavities at once through dental composite fillings would fix the problem forever. But that is not only far away from the truth but neglecting oral health to such an extent would lead to undesirable circumstances. That’s why we thought of answering this most frequently asked question once and for all.

The signs showing you should contact a dentist immediately:

9 out of 10 people who have the dental composite fillings notice the problem only when their fillings fall off. But there is a huge chance that your tooth is trying to communicate this message to you since a while. Here are a few signs:

Your teeth have become too sensitive to cold or hot liquids. Generally, the areas where cavities have been replaced by dental fillings leave a hole behind. When a dental filling is about to crack down, the area becomes too sensitive when you eat or drink something.

Hurting tooth is also a sign for wearing down of the composite filling. If the region feels a bit painful or if you experience a constant shaky feeling in the teeth it shows that the time has finally come.

Types of fillings that require more frequent replacement from a dentist in Irvine:

Dental filling replacement depends upon the type, color and the material used in the composite fillings. The decision must be done taking the budget into consideration. Gold fillings, for instance, last longer than any other types of fillings but at the same time, they cost a fortune. Resin fillings, on the other hand, have just half of the longevity of the gold fillings. The former will last for 30 years while the later lasts only for about 15 years. Also, the color plays a significant factor. If you decide to opt for the natural color fillings from the best dental office in Orange County, then it might last lesser compared to other normal fillings.

Different individuals having the same type of filling can also notice the fluctuations in the time of composite fillings replacement. Lifestyle factors such as oral hygiene, habits such as smoking, or alcohol consumption and food intake can significantly alter the time.

When dental fillings should be replaced earlier from the best dental office in Orange County:

Certain situations such as dental problems may lead to the early replacement of the dental fillings from quality dental services in Orange County, California. The decay of the tooth, tooth infections, mouth infections should also be considered. If you have suffered a major accident recently, it is good to get your dental fillings examined.

Why should you replace dental fillings?

Though falling of a dental filling might not seem like a medical emergency at the beginning, the situation can soon escalate. It might also compromise your appearance. The area becomes sensitive and is prone to dental infections. As the inside of the tooth is now exposed, it becomes easier for bacteria to enter the area. That is why taking care of dental fillings and going on a regular dental check-up is necessary. If you are looking for quality dental services in Orange County, California, we recommend Dental Implants Orange County CA.